In a spectacular location in the island of Spetses, Greece, a design for an extension of a summer house was commissioned. Due to the restricted building regulations in the area (related to the proportions, materials and colours), the proposed design comprised the traditional features that appear in the area. Even more, the restrictions on the overall height of the new structure, along with the owners’ decision to allow to the adjacent property to maintain its view towards the sea, led to the final external envelope of the building. This decision also effected the way that the existing and new buildings had to be connected.

The proposed plan separates the expansion into two separate sections and in two different volumes, both of which have been degraded in relation to the existing segment, thereby enhancing this separation.

Attached to the existing building there is a single storey structure, which acts as a connecting link between the old and the new part of the building, giving at the same time the impression that it is protected by these two buildings. This section includes the main entrance along with the wet rooms of the ground floor. The choice of a flat roof, also gives the possibility to create an external space – a veranda – for the bedroom of the upper floor, so to allow the view of the old port.

The main residential areas of the extension are located in the double storey section. The ground floor accommodates the living and dining areas, along with the kitchen, into an open plan area. The first floor comprises two en-suite bedrooms, along with the private balconies, where the occupants can admire the spectacular view of the sea.

The existing section of the house is now redesigned to accommodate a two bedroom area, along with a large lobby – playroom for the youths of the family and the guests.

status: under construction