In a high- end area, near by the waterfront, in the south of Athens, I have been asked to re-design a three – storey apartment for a five member family. Keeping the existing plan layout, interventions in the major areas were used to upgrade the functionality of the apartment, providing a high quality living environment and converting it into a luxury apartment .The chosen materials and colours as well as the design of the most of the furniture within the house, complete the overall design approach.

During the completion of the renovation, the office was also asked to rethink the existing courtyard and convert it to a modern and luxurious outdoor space. The key aspect on this project was to create an outdoor living area that could incorporate all the elements of an interior area such as, kitchen, dining, living and relaxing area. The final proposal, apart from the overall arrangement of the outdoor area, also included the furniture design of the outdoor kitchen, the dining table, the lighting, as well as, the couch and the Jacuzzi area on yacht-style design. The privacy of the outdoor area was also essential to the owners due to the direct visual contact of the courtyard with the road. The installation of perforated walls from bamboo battens and dense planting created an impenetrable and translucent boundary, from an opaque material, that gives the sense of privacy.


Status: completed