A summer house for a Greek-French couple was proposed on the mountain above the capital of Corsica, Bastia. The house is located in the northern part of the site, in order to exploit the view of the gulf, as well as, to preserve the existing vegetation in the plot. The priority of the design is to separate the house in two parts, so to provide the occupants with the opportunity to use it either as two separate fragments or as whole house. Therefore, the proposed residence consists of two volumes, a single one and a double. A double volume section, which includes the everyday living areas (open plan kitchen, utility room and living room), is located on the ground floor level, whereas the en-suite master bedroom, along with a small home office, is found on the first floor. The single volume section, which can be used as a separate guesthouse, comprises a master size bedroom and a bath, allowing privacy to the visitors. The chosen rural materials such as, soft colours on the walls, stone cladding, ceramic tiles on the pitch roof and the wooden structures, which are in-line with the directions of the local planning department, integrate the house with the local building environment.