yamas mediteranian style bistro

Zurich’s new district ‘Europaallee’ welcomes “Yamas”, a new bistro and wine bar, with an essence of Greece, aiming to become more than just a new Greek-style tavern.
“Yamas” is a place that brings to Zurich the atmosphere of the Mediterranean courtyard.

The purpose of the design was to combine the dining space with the spacious bar, along with an inner retail corner, where customers can buy the ingredients that are used for the preparation of their meals.

The design of the small market tries to redefine the old style of the grocery, where wooden and metal boxes reproduce the food boxes.

Clientyamas bistro
year 2015
architectdimitris filis
The elements of the design include the wooden pergola, the old-style cement tiles, the rough stucco walls, the specially designed lighting features, the oak wood and metal.
Above the dining and bar area there is a wooden pergola, which, along with the custom-made lamps and the lighting strategy, aims to reproduce the atmosphere of a Mediterranean courtyard.
Spatially, the bar occupies the left side of the room and it is in direct connection with the kitchen, while the central part of the room is occupied by the dining area and the small market area..