your vision
our inspiration

the practice

The ‘d.arc’ office is founded in 2010 and initially provided services in interior design, renovations and furniture design. Since 2011 the office extended its provisions with a complete range of services in architecture, construction, renovation and restoration.

In collaboration with an approved team of external collaborators, engineers and subconstructors, the office offers a number of projects emphasizing on designing and manufacturing details, technical excellence and project management.

our aim

The environmental approach to designing new buildings, renovations and restorations is important as it aims to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings. The new materials, along with the appropriate design, can create a friendly building for both the user and the environment.

our services

  • architecture
  • interior design
  • furniture and kitchen design
  • constructions, renovations and restorations
  • environmental design
  • in collaboration with external collaborators we also provide:

    • topographic surveys
    • structural studies
    • engineering studies