Welcome to d-arc architecture + design

we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us

This phrase summarizes the philosophy of the office. We believe that the space, whether it is as small as a room or as large as a building, neighbourhood or city, significantly shapes our existence in a variety of ways. Therefore, we are obliged to deliver “spaces” which are truly livable and friendly to the users.

we don’t do merely design, we explore new paths to create habitable environment

Design-wise, the office aims to deliver spaces of high aesthetics and functionality that exceed users expectations. Our design approach is to put the users at the heart of our design by listening to their needs and embody them to the design idea. Therefore, we must always remember that we are not designing for ourselves.

We are passionate about design and construction excellence

We provide bespoke design regardless if it is in a scale of a table or of a building

We deliver places where the users feel that these are the places to live

under construction

new project – under planning permission

new project – design proposal